How to Properly Change WordPress URL

How to Properly Change WordPress URL

Do you want to change the WordPress URL? A URL is basically a reference to a web resource that specifies the location on a computer network. A properly managed website URL will lead to speed up your WordPress website which results in engaging more traffic.

In WordPress the Domain name helps customers to recognize your brand. So, changing the URL shouldn’t be taken lightly. Sometimes the visitors might not be able to find your website product and contents due to the change in URL. Be sure that you decide to change the URL only if it’s the must for your website.

Generally most of the websites change their websites’s URL to move from HTTP to HTTPs, move from local server to live site or change their domain name. If you are reading this article then it’s true that you are thinking of changing your WordPress URL. 

There are several methods to change WordPress URL. But in this article we will learn the easiest way to do it. To use this method you simply need your WordPress dashboard. This method is extremely WordPress Beginners friendly as you don’t need to use any WordPress Plugin or have any kind of coding skill or knowledge.

Method I: Change WordPress URL in WordPress Dashboard

First of all Login to your WordPress Dashboard. There you can see Settings>>General option at the left sidebar of your website.

Then you can see WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL).

Change WordPress URL.

Now you need to understand that your users go to your WordPress Address to find the blog or website and the Site Address represents the exact location of your website files.

According to the Professionals of WordPress it’s better to keep both WordPress Address and Site Address the same

Change the URL according to your new Domain name that you have chosen for your website. Finally, click on the Save Changes button at the end of the page to save all the changes that you have made.

Change WordPress URL.

We hope you are able to properly change WordPress URL. We have taught only one method as this is the simplest and quickest way. 

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