How to Properly Update WordPress Plugin in Website?

How to Properly Update WordPress Plugin in Website

Do you want to Properly Update WordPress Plugin in Website

Plugins are necessary on the site to add additional or appealing features. In order to make your site secure and safe, it is necessary to update the plugins with the new version. With each new version, the plugin will have some new and advanced features. 

Plugins are like an app in your site. You add them in your site to add new features and functionality. WordPress plugins should be up-to-date to ensure that new features and changes are applied in your site immediately. This improves the performance of the site. 

In this tutorial, we will learn to Properly Update WordPress Plugin in Website. Let’s Start:

Properly Update WordPress Plugin

WordPress comes with a built-in update system by default. It checks out for updates and shows you the notification when the updates are available for themes, plugins, and other software. 

Users can manually check the update required on the site. 

  • Click on Updates

On the updates section of the page, there are all the WordPress plugins and themes that need to be updated or has a new version.  You will see the notification on the plugin menu of the WordPress admin bar if there is a new update available. 

Simply, Click on Update Now link to update the WordPress plugins. 

Mass Update WordPress Plugins

If you don’t want to update the WordPress plugins manually, you can bulk/mass update it on your site. 

  • Click on Plugins>>Installed Plugins
  • Select the Update Available link. 
  • Select all the plugins and click on Update option from the bulk actions. 
  • Click on Apply

All the selected plugins will get updated on your site. 

This is the way to properly update the WordPress plugin on the website. It is easy and simple. Plugins add great functionalities and features in any site so it is necessary that you keep your plugin up-to-date and keep your site safe and secure. 

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