How to Rearrange Post Edit Screen in your WordPress Website?

How to Rearrange Post Edit Screen in your WordPress Website

Do you want to Rearrange Post Edit Screen in your WordPress Website?

Before publishing or making anything live in your site, you need to add/edit it in the WordPress admin dashboard. In the case of adding or editing the posts, you can view the post edit screen on the page of the site. Also, you may notice that there are few sections in the Post Edit Screen that you use very often and few not. But, they aren’t ideally placed on the screen as per your preference. In this case, you can Rearrange the Post Edit Screen section in your website. 

By default, the Post Edit Screen of your WordPress Website looks something like this:

It may look different depending upon the types of themes and plugins you use in your site. You may have extra meta boxes on the screen and other additional buttons inside the visual post editor. 

All the default and custom meta boxes on the post edit screen can be minimized, hidden or rearranged. Rearranging it can definitely help you increase your writing experience. In this article, we will learn to Rearrange Post Edit Screen in WordPress site. It’s quite easy and simple. So, let’s Start:

Rearranging Post Edit Screen in WordPress

  • Login to your WordPress website or Click on Dashboard
  • Click on Posts>>Add New

You can see the Post Edit Screen on the site. 

  • Click on the upward arrow icon next to the title of the meta box to minimize it and downward arrow icon to maximize it. 
  • Click and hold on a meta box title and drag it to rearrange its position on the post edit screen. 

You can move it downward and upward. There are two different areas where you can move the meta box. Either at the right-hand column or at the bottom of the post editor. 

In order to hide additional meta boxes, 

  • Click on the Screen Options button on the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Select the meta boxes that you would like to keep in Post Edit Screen. 

You can also select to have a single column or the double column layout. 

If you want to have an even cleaner experience, you can try the full-screen editor. To enable the full-screen editor, 

  • Click on the full-screen button on the post editor or simply press ALT+Shift+W keys on your keyboard. 

With the full-screen writing mode, all the meta boxes of the post edit screen disappear and only the basic formatting buttons at the top. Simply play around with the arrangement and improve the writing experience. 

In this way, you can Rearrange Post Edit Screen in WordPress Website. 

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