How to Regenerate Thumbnails in WordPress

How to Regenerate Thumbnails in WordPress

Do you want to regenerate thumbnails on your WordPress website? Basically thumbnails are the reduced size of videos and pictures. They are used to help in organizing the images and videos for serving an effective role for the smooth functioning of your website.

The main function of a thumbnail is to ideally reduce the download time along with bandwidth. It’s smaller size makes a page more visually appealing and along with the viewers can have exact  over the image as they want to see it.

An amazing thumbnail will make your content stand out and increase interest in the general traffic to watch the content without skipping it. Thumbnails play a significant role to faster the loading speed of your website which will make your site rank at the top of different search engines.

Why Regenerate Thumbnails in WordPress?

Sometimes the WordPress Theme and Media settings resize your image automatically before uploading it. In this case, if you learn to regenerate thumbnails in WordPress you will be able to fix the image upload issues for your existing and new images.

Thumbnails play an important role engaging the visitors by optimizing the speed of your website. So be sure to regenerate thumbnails to maintain the effective functioning of your website.

Without any further delay let’s go through this article to regenerate thumbnails in your WordPress website:

Regenerate Thumbnails Using a WordPress Plugin

Using a WordPress plugin can be really easy for both WordPress Beginners as well as Professionals as it doesn’t require any kind of coding knowledge. Simply change some settings of the plugin and you’re done.

First of all, Search the plugin that you want to install. Then Install and Activate the Regenerate Thumbnails WordPress plugin. If you have any confusion while installing the plugin go through our article “How to Install a Plugin on your WordPress website?

Regenerate Thumbnails in WordPress.

After activating the plugin click on Tools>>Regenerate Thumbnails option at the left sidebar of the page. 

Then you will get two options:

  1. Skip regenerating existing correctly sized thumbnails (faster).
  2. Delete thumbnail files for old unregistered sizes in order to free up server space. This may result in broken images in your posts and pages. 

Simply tick on the option that’s favourable for you and matches your needs. 

Then click on Regenerate Thumbnails For All Attachments or Regenerate Thumbnails For The Featured Images Only as per your requirement.

Regenerate Thumbnails in WordPress.

If you choose to Regenerate Thumbnails For Attachments, this will result in exactly as shown in the screenshot below. 

Regenerate Thumbnails in WordPress

Whereas the second option Regenerate Thumbnails For The Featured Images Only will lead as shown in the screenshot below.

Regenerate Thumbnail in WordPress.

You don’t need to worry at all. As you hit the selected button, this plugin will start to regenerate the thumbnails. This plugin will get your job done in a few seconds.

We hope this article helped you to regenerate the thumbnail of your WordPress website. Additionally, if you have any confusion adding single/double line spacing go through our article “How to Add Single / Double Line Spacing in your WordPress Website?


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