How to Remove Visual Editor Mode in your WordPress Website?

How to Remove Visual Editor Mode in your WordPress Website

Do you want to remove visual editor mode on your WordPress website? Despite having a lot of benefits sometimes redirects in visual editor mode can cause errors and be lost in some formats. 

We are sure if you are thinking of removing visual editor mode then you might be thinking of using a plain text editor. Plain text editors enable you to add the easiest formatting button and style which will help you to set your website’s basic structure in a simple and beautiful way. 

Sharing codes and PHP is not possible in the visual editor mode so, for that reason, you have to switch to text editor mode for the effective function. Even if you switch back to visual editor mode it results in to change in code which might bring errors on your website. So, to avoid all this error you need to remove visual editor mode in your WordPress website

In this post, we are going to show you the easiest and quickest ways to remove the visual editor in your WordPress website. Let’s go through the detailed method stepwise. 

Remove by Using Dashboard WordPress website

You don’t need to use any WordPress Plugin nor have any kind of coding skill and knowledge while using this method. 

In this method, first of all, you need to log in to the Dashboard of your WordPress website. 

Then click on Users>>Your Profile button on the left side of your page.  

Remove Visual Editor Mode in your WordPress Website.

Beside the Visual Editor option, you can see the feature to Disable the visual editor while writing option. Tick on the button to enable this feature on your website. 

Remove Visual Editor Mode in your WordPress Website.

Lastly click on the Update Profile button at the button of the page to save the change that you have made on your website.

Remove Visual Editor Mode in your WordPress Website.

When you create a new post or edit the existing one you will find out that the Visual Editor Mode will no longer be available. 

As you can see removing the Visual Editor Mode is a task of a couple of steps. Do it easily seeing this step by step guide. 

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