How to Reorder WordPress Page?

How to Reorder WordPress Page

By default, the WordPress websites don’t define page display order. In many of the cases, defining page display order can be necessary. It is because, in many of the themes, pages are used as the top menu items by default. 

It is not necessary to display pages as your menu items. But, there are many websites in WordPress that are doing this. So for them, it makes sense to define page display order. You yourself might also want a menu of pages in your sidebar. 

The pages of your website are displayed in alphabetical order by default. Some of us might be okay with that whereas some might want some other pages to appear first. 

Here, let us take a quick look to learn to Reorder WordPress Page.

  • Login to your WordPress website or Click on Dashboard
  • Click on Pages>>All Pages
  • Select the page you would like to order.
  • Click on Edit

It leads you to the edit page. On the right side of the page, you see the option of Order

  • Select the order as you want. 
  • Update the Changes. 

Now the pages are displayed in the order you want. Finally, you are able to Reorder WordPress Page on your website. The top menu’s pages appear as you choose it.

Enjoy WordPress, Enjoy our Tutorials!

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