How to Setup your Media Configuration in WordPress?

How to Setup your Media Configuration in WordPress

Do you want to set up your Media Configuration? If you are thinking to set up then, you are at the right blog. Here we will discuss some easy steps to set up the media configuration on the WordPress website.

But before getting started let’s get familiar with this term. Media Configuration is defined as a setting for the media uploads done in WordPress. It can be done in just a one-step by setting the size of the image that you want.

Setting up the media configuration is essential to publish the proper size image on your website. After uploading an image, WordPress converts it into three different sizes for different purposes. 

  • Thumbnail Size (150*150)
  • Medium Size (300*300)
  • Large Size (1024*1024) 

Why Setup your Media Configuration?

After getting to know about Media Configuration, know that it’s first and foremost use is to control the look and feel of the image. The large and middle-size image can be defined so that it won’t exceed the define dimension. It helps to maintain the respective ratios. 

If a user requires a different size like 200×200 px than it can be obtained by changing media configuration. The best part is that it is really easy to set it up.

As you know the advantages I am sure you would want to set up Media Setting on your WordPress website. Here is a step by step guide to setup your Media Configuration. 

Step 1: Open WordPress Media Settings

First of all login to the Dashboard of your site. Then click on the button Settings>>Media

Setup your Media Configuration in WordPress.
Setup your Media Configuration in WordPress.

Step II: Configure all the Settings

Now you will land on the Media Settings page. Configure all of the settings of Media Screen as per your choice. 

Setup your Media Configuration in WordPress.

Finally, don’t forget to click on the Save Changes button to make the changes you have enabled. 

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