How to Show Related Page in WordPress

How to Show Related Page in WordPress

In the previous article, we learned to show Related Post in WordPress. In this tutorial, we will learn to Show Related Page in WordPress.

Both pages and posts can be displayed as a related option in your WordPress site. Showing related pages can engage the visitors in your site. When visitors finish viewing the piece of content and don’t find anything interesting to read, they are likely to exit the page. In this case, if we display related pages, they are likely to go to another related page.

The way to Show Related page in WordPress is by making the use of the plugin as it is simple and easy for the users.  We will briefly discuss this method in the article below. So let’s start. 

Show Related Page in WordPress using Plugin

For this, you need to install and activate the Yet Another Related Post Plugin (YARPP). The plugin allows you to display the list of pages related to the current page To Install and Activate the plugin, follow our tutorial guide on ‘How to Install a new WordPress Plugin?’

After activating the plugin, 

  • Click on Settings>>YARPP
  • On the display option of your website, select pages option to automatically display related content. 
  • Save the Changes. 

This way you can show the related pages on your website page. For more tutorial follow our website here


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