How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Do you want to speed up your WordPress website? Almost every website owner needs to work properly in order to increase the loading speed of the website. Many of you might think “Is it necessary?” Yes of course it is as a fast website helps you to improve your WordPress SEO, engage more visitors, and increase the ranking as well as page views of your website. 

As Google considers the site speed as one of the deciding factors in the search result ranking, be sure that you follow every tip and tool to be at the top of the list. 

We are sure that you want to create a fast website that is able to sell your product, services, and display your blog within a second of your visitors landing on your page. This is only possible when you try to work well with the Optimization strategies of the site. 

Before getting started with the ways let’s go through the importance to Speed up your WordPress Website:

Significance of Speeding Up the WordPress Website

First and foremost if your website doesn’t load fast the page rank and traffic of your website will drop drastically. If you don’t work to speed up your WordPress Website the visitors might switch to another page even before it loads. By this, you provide more visitors to your competitors which doesn’t have a quite good impact on your website. 

As users don’t have the patience to wait for the pages that load slowly it’s important for a website owner to optimize everything possible to speed up the website. You need to be sure to use an optimized image and remove all the poorly coded plugins from your website as this might help you a little. 

How Well Does Your Website Fare?

Before getting started to Speed Up your WordPress website be sure to check your current site performance. If you check it now and after making the changes as per the suggestion in this article you will be able to know about the improvements that have taken place in your site.

You can use any of them to get started:

  • Google Page Speed Insight: You can completely know about all the areas that need improvement using it. All you need to do is copy and paste your website URL. 
  • GTmetrix: It informs you about the page size, loading speed and time, number of ideas for the solution, page size, page speed, low score, and much more. 

Now, let’s go through the detailed steps to speed up your WordPress website:

Get a Good Hosting Provider for your Website

Running an eCommerce website can be really tuff if you don’t choose an appropriate Hosting Provider. Be sure to switch from a free or shared hosting service to a managed and professional WordPress Hosting instead. 

Speed Up your WordPress Website.

We would love to recommend you Bluehost as they offer many services that are suitable for both WordPress Professionals and Beginners. If you decide to use this hosting you need to worry less about hosting as it provides 24/7 support. This hosting is really easy to install and use. Go get Bluehost Right Now! 

If you are thinking of purchasing any other web host be sure to check up on the reviews. Don’t end up getting a non-professional hosting. Be very careful before you make any choice for yourself as you might end up losing your money for nothing good. 

2. Update your WordPress Website

Speed Up your WordPress Website.

WordPress is updated frequently so we need to keep updated with the new version and updates that are available. Generally, updates provide you more features, tide security, and fixes different bugs of your website. 

It’s the first duty of the owner to update all the plugins, themes, and the WordPress website itself up to the latest version that is available. Doing this you will be updated and can give a tough competition to your competitor. Eventually, it will also speed up your WordPress website. 

If you don’t update them your site SEO, traffic and Speed might drop drastically. There can also be different sorts of security problems. So, be sure to check all the updates that are available. 

3. Add Lazy Loading to Images

When you decide to add the Lazy Load by WP Rocket you will be able to speed up your WordPress website as this plugin will help you to decrease the loading time of your page. 

Speed Up your WordPress Website.

It loads images in a page only when they are visible to the users. You will also be able to replace YouTube iframes by a preview thumbnail to further speed up the loading time of your WordPress website.  

Additionally, if you have any kind of confusion while installing this WordPress plugin, go through our article “How to Install a Plugin on your WordPress website?

4. Use Optimized Themes and Faster Plugins

Before buying or installing any theme be sure to check whether it speeds optimized or not. Go through the reviews and purchase the theme which has clean code and is responsive, SEO Friendly, Speed Optimization, and much more. 

Use a simpler theme and if you need to add up the features use Faster WordPress plugins that will help you to speed up your WordPress website. Have your own different tests before using any plugin on your website. 

Sometimes you might end up having issues in the speed performance of your website. At that time simply checkout whether the WordPress themes and plugins are updated or not. If not, delete them and get another theme and plugin that fulfills your requirement. 

5. Optimize Your Images 

Remember that you need to crop the images or make them with the proper size that your theme can display it. Many website owners don’t optimize their images before uploading them. This might result in a decrease/drop speed up the capacity of your WordPress website. 

Resize the images if they are larger in size before uploading them. Make sure that the images are compressed as per the necessity. If your website accepts guest posts then check out the image size or inform them about the necessary image size. 

If you have any confusion regarding your image size you can check it right before uploading. Check the place as exactly shown in the screenshot below. 

Speed Up your WordPress Website.

Additionally, save your photos in.JPG format, screenshots, and illustrations in.PNG format of the websites. Your goal should be to optimize the image and compress it as per the requirement. 

6. Split your Long Posts into Different Pages

Almost every reader loves to read long articles and know about the ideas in detail. Long articles, posts, and blogs give more ideas to the learners as compared to short ones. 

Long Posts can even help you to rank at the top of different search engines. But, the problem is it doesn’t help you to speed up the loading capacity of your website. It’s really easy you simply need to use <!–nextpage–> tag in the place where you want to split your long posts into different pages. 

This method is really easy and helps you to make your site’s speed performance better as a single post will load on different pages. You can use <!–nextpage–> tag again and again if you want to split it into the next page. 

There are many other ways but the ones listed above are the best ones to speed up your WordPress website. Do follow them and let your visitors have a great impression about your site. 


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