Where to find Free WordPress Themes?

Where to find Free WordPress Theme

The layout of your site depends upon the theme you choose. Being a beginner, you might not have an idea about the theme and the places to find Free WordPress Themes.

Worry not, here in this tutorial I will be helping you find the Free WordPress Themes for your site.

Before finding the theme, it is necessary to know what type of website you want to create. Once you get the idea about it, finding them will be comparatively easier. 

Now, let me suggest you the best place to Find Free WordPress Themes. 

1. WordPress.Org

With no doubt, WordPress.Org is always any of the user’s first preference because this site has almost all WordPress themes within it. Simply you can select the category of the theme and hundred of the themes based on the category appears. You can easily find the theme. Be careful when you choose the theme by viewing the theme functions, features, ratings, user’s review, the number of active installation.

Here is an example for you,

When you type the category of the theme in the search box like shown above, hundreds of theme appear. You have the option to go to the Featured, Popular, Latest or the general theme. Confirm the theme you think will work the best for your site and enjoy the free one! 

   2. Directory Site

In a simple language, directory sites in WordPress are the kind of site that has the handpicked collection of various themes, plugins, hostings, and many more. There is a wide range of variety on the site. If you’re having a problem to choose among many of the themes then Directory sites are the perfect theme search place for you. These sites suggest Free WordPress Themes. 

Some of the examples of such websites include Wpall Club, Beautiful Themes, WP Daily Themes, Just Free Themes, and many more. The themes in this site have detail information about the themes. 

Directory site WpallClub:

The site has the collection of 500+ best free themes to choose from along with different categories. Not only WpallClub, but all the directory sites have top collection of themes to help you get the one. So, yes, you can find Free WordPress Themes in these sites too. 

Few more examples of Directory site includes,

Beautiful Themes

justFree themes

  3. Theme Company/Author

By Theme Company or Author what I mean is the original company that develop/build themes. All the company that develops themes might not necessarily keep all their themes in WordPress.org. In this case, you might not have an idea regarding the best themes available. So going through the company’s own site can be fruitful. You will, of course, get a lot of support and guide by the company when you choose from their own site. 

If you’re still having a confusion then let me explain,

 You know that a theme is developed by theme companies right? Yes, those companies have their own site where they provide you with the option to download their theme too. You can simply go to the author’s site and search for the theme. As the theme appears with the option of download, you can easily download it.

For example:

I am a newbie to WordPress searching for the eCommerce theme and here I land on the theme company site AccessPress Themes:

I simply search for the Free WordPress Themes in the category eCommerce themes,

After I choose the category of eCommerce themes, the theme developed by the company appears. Simply, I can go to each theme and have detail information about the theme and decide if I want the theme or not. As simple as that. So using Theme Company/Author can be great to find Free WordPress Themes. 

Wrapping Up:

As I have already mentioned that there are many ways of finding Free WordPress Themes but these are the places that could be effective to help you get one. I hope you were able to get one for you.


Once you’re done choosing a theme, check our tutorial guide on ‘How to install a theme on your WordPress website?’ and enjoy using the theme.


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