How to Check your WordPress Plugin’s Version?

How to Check your WordPress Plugin's Version

Checking the WordPress plugin version is a simple yet very important step that one must not forget. Updating a plugin after checking it will keep your website up to date. 

Despite having a lot of benefits, the plugin made by third-party developers might build up a lot of compatibility issues. Not, only this but the plugin might not as well work properly with your theme. In this case, you need to check your WordPress plugin’s version and update it. 

Let’s go through some simple step by step guide. Checking the WordPress plugin’s version is essential in order to solve the possible issues. 

Check your WordPress Plugin’s Version

  • Log in to the Dashboard of your website. There you can see the Updates button at the left bar of the page, click on it. 
  • There you will be able to see WordPress Update Options. It will simply let you know the last time you checked your WordPress plugin’s version. 
Check your WordPress Plugin Version.
  • Now there you can see the latest WordPress, Plugin’s and Theme’s Version that you have been using. 
  • Check out your latest Plugin’s version and if it’s not updated till the date click on the Re-install Now. 
  • After updating your WordPress Version you can see options as shown in the screenshot below. 
Check your WordPress Plugin Version.

Note: The WordPress Directory will let you know if a plugin is out of date and risky to Install. 

Additionally, also check out your WordPress Themes and WordPress Version through the help of these articles. 


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