Everything You Need to Know About WordPress Private Posts

Everything You need to Know About a Private Post in WordPress

Are you thinking of having WordPress private posts on your website? But, before that let us get familiar with its uses. It is not necessary to share your post among the viewers. Well, in this case, you can choose who is allowed to see specific content through the private option.

Unlike other WordPress posts, a private post is not visible to your website visitors. I am sure you might have seen the “Visibility” option in the Publish module. There you can find three options: 

Public: The posts that are viewable to all.  

Password Protected: Viewers should enter a password to see further texts. 

Private: This option hides content from the public completely. It is viewable among the Administrators and Editors.

WordPress Private Posts
WordPress Private Posts

Private Posts can be written by any users who has permission to make specific changes to the website. Generally, WordPress Private Posts are visible among the user with before mentioned different roles:

  • Administrator: Administrators can create and edit a private post in WordPress. They can also delete it if necessary. 
  • Author: Authors can create, edit and delete the private post. But, they cannot see the private posts that are created by other users. 
  • Editor: They can create, edit and delete their own posts and view other private posts that are made by any user. 

Why Create a Private Post in WordPress?

Every information cannot be shared with the viewers. In that case, that information can be published privately in a website. For example, a user can create a newsletter or mailing list. Then those lists will not help to make a positive difference in terms of marketing. Private posts are the best way to hide posts from the eye of pubic. In general, your private posts can be viewed by those employees that you want. 

Beginner Bloggers can enjoy the formatting of their articles and publishing post with a live post. Furthermore, it supports to use a training module or something of that sort as it doesn’t need to have high security. At the same time, it’s also not necessary that this information should be viewed by the website viewers. However, WordPress Private Post is not regarded as a good option to store the sensitive answer. 

Make a WordPress Private Posts   

Creating a WordPress Private Post is as easy as creating a simple post. For further information, let’s have a look at the step by step guide to making a private post within a couple of steps. 

Step 1: Create a New Post

First of all, you need to create a new post. You can also edit the existing post to make it private post if you want. 

WordPress Private Posts
WordPress Private Posts

Step 2: Edit Visibility of the Post

Go to the publish module of your Post. There you can get the Visibility option, click on the button Edit. Switch the Public button with the Private one.

WordPress Private Posts
WordPress Private Posts

Step 3: Check the Post Privacy

Click on the button View Post that appears at the top of your post. It will appear somehow as shown in the screenshot below. Hence, the users who don’t have permission cannot see this private post. 

Important Note: The images and feature image will be available to the public even if you publish them as a private post. Images having the URL can be obtained by anyone. 

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