How to Deactivate a WordPress Plugin?

How to Deactivate WordPress Plugin
Plugins are regarded as one of the inseparable parts of WordPress. But, not every plugin work flawlessly. As a result, it may lead to having no access with the Admin Panel of your WordPress Website. In this case, you need to deactivate the WordPress Plugin to keep your site safe. Due to the Developers unconsciousness, while coding a plugin the site becomes unstable and unable to perform function correctly. Due to this reason, Experts don't suggest to install plugins directly in WordPress If you have ever faced the white screen in that case, you exactly know what we are trying to explain. To prevent your site from facing these problems while...

How to Setup Blog Archive Page in WordPress?

How to Setup Blog Archive Page in WordPress?
By default, WordPress displays your contents on blog format on the homepage. However, if you choose to set up a static homepage, you will need to find somewhere else to store your blog posts.  Fortunately, WordPress allows you to create a dedicated blog archive page. This is particularly useful if you need the homepage to showcase your latest products or services. In this article, we will show you how to create a separate blog page to store your blog post on the WordPress website. We will cover 3 different ways i.e. i) Create a Blog Page using Default Static and Blog Page Settings It is a basic way to create...

How to Properly Move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS?

How to Properly Move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS
Do you want to move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS? Being a website owner it’s your responsibility to keep your financial and other important information safe. For this one of the easy and important ways is to use HTTP and SSL encryption on your WordPress site.  In this article, we will first learn about HTTPS as many users don’t know exactly what it means and its importance. Then, we will properly learn to move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS.  What is HTTPS? Hypertext transfer protocol secure(HTTPS) is the secured version or an extension of HTTP. It is known as a primary protocol that is used to send data...

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website
Do you want to speed up your WordPress website? Almost every website owner needs to work properly in order to increase the loading speed of the website. Many of you might think “Is it necessary?” Yes of course it is as a fast website helps you to improve your WordPress SEO, engage more visitors, and increase the ranking as well as page views of your website.  As Google considers the site speed as one of the deciding factors in the search result ranking, be sure that you follow every tip and tool to be at the top of the list.  We are sure that you want to create a fast...

How to Create a Custom WordPress Menu?

How to Create a Custom WordPress Menu
Think that WordPress is too hard to learn? Not really, tutorials and blogs related to WordPress help you to understand it better. WordPress site is created after you choose the theme and make a few changes in the admin panel.  Same is the case with creating a custom WordPress menu, just a few steps and you are likely to create one.  A custom menu can also contain links to the important contents of your website or social media network. It helps your audience to direct toward the targetted destination. So, let’s get started and create a custom menu in your site:

How to Edit Footer of your WordPress Website

How to Edit Footer of your WordPress Website
Do you want to Edit Footer of your WordPress Website? A Footer is a button section of the WordPress website where users can find social media buttons, About Us section, Affiliates, Discount Coupons, Address, Information about the company, and much more.  Although the Footer option doesn’t get much attention from visitors as the Header option, it’s still important to have an informative and attractive footer. If you have a Footer that displays all the required information the customers, visitors can have access to any information at any time.  The best part about WordPress Footer is that it can be edited and modified as per your requirement. You will be able...

How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress?

How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress
Do you want to create an image gallery in WordPress? Image Gallery is used to display numbers of images in your posts and pages in proper format displaying in rows and columns. Images are used in websites to make it look attractive and beautiful.  When you add images manually in any posts or pages, it displays something like this on your website. Quite boring to view. The other disadvantage is that it takes a lot of space and the visitors need to scroll a lot to view the images. The same images, when you display in your...

How to setup Google Analytics on your WordPress website

How to Setup Google Analytics on your WordPress website
You certainly would like to know how your website is performing, don't you? After all, you need to understand how you are getting traffic and how your viewers are responding to your website. Google analytics is the free service from Google which provides you detail information about your website traffic and the way they interact with your website.  The most interesting thing will be to see live analytics which shows the number of visitors visiting different pages of the website right at the moment. Why should you use Google Analytics? Google Analytics shows you detail and powerful information about traffic and viewers interaction on your website. This data help you...

How to Use Distraction Free Full Screen Editor in WordPress Website?

How to Use Distraction Free Full Screen Editor in WordPress Website
Do you want to Use Distraction Free Full Screen Editor in your WordPress Website? Posting blogs and articles on your website requires great attention and concentration. Many of the WordPress users get distracted by the on-screen element of the writing interface like toolbars, columns, buttons, etc.  Luckily, WordPress comes with a built-in distraction-free mode for writing on the site. Using it, you can hide all the unnecessary elements and fully focus on the topic you are writing. You can easily create good and meaningful content.  In this article, we will learn to Use a Distraction Free Full Screen Editor on WordPress Website. Let’s start: Log...

How to Insert a Media in your WordPress post?

How to Insert a Media on your WordPress Website
Think of yourself, reading a tutorial that contains the huge paragraph of texts and only texts. You would rather find it boring to read it right?  Media such as images, audio, videos, and other files in articles make the post simply fun and appealing to read. It is also the source of guide that explains what your context means by describing an explained figure.  Let us take an example related to WordPress, why? Because we are WordPress users! Imagine if you are taking the help of guide tutorial to make certain changes in your site, but the blog doesn’t have attributes to images. It is hardly difficult to understand what to...