How to Check your WordPress Theme’s Version?

How to Check your WordPress Theme's Version
Do you want to check your WordPress Theme's version? All the WordPress users choose their theme depending upon their preference on the site. Once you choose the theme, you don’t change it until and unless it doesn’t satisfy all your needs. It is necessary for you to know the theme and the version you are using it.  The theme with new versions gets updated adding many more new and additional features. For this, it is necessary for you to check your WordPress Theme’s version.  So let’s learn to check WordPress Theme’s Version: Login to your WordPress website or Click on DashboardClick on Appearance>>Themes

How to delete a theme you had previously installed on your WordPress website?

How to delete a theme you had previously installed on your WordPress website
After you are done with WordPress installation, the next thing you do is find a perfect theme for your website. While selecting the theme you come across the huge number of WordPress themes. If you are newbie or don't know what exactly you need, all you do is try different themes available until you get a better fit for your website. OR if you have an exiting theme sometimes you may also want to change due to some vulnerable issues caused by it or you may want to switch to another nicer theme. It is completely fine to install and try one after another theme on your...

How to install a Theme on your WordPress website

How to Install a theme on your WordPress website
Before starting the tutorial, I assume that you have installed the latest version of WordPress and it is running well. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to install new WordPress Theme in your website. There are several ways of installing themes. I’m going to cover all the ways to do it in this step by step tutorial. Are you excited? I’m sure you are. So, let’s begin! Installing theme directly from WordPress theme repository This is the easiest way of installing new WordPress theme on your website if that theme is available in WordPress repository. Step 1: